My new obession

So the other day i FINALLY got a camera! and i have to admit i am obsessed. I carry it with me every were!
I'm pretty sure my friends are getting annoyed at me taking pictures of them 24/7 but i can't help it!. It captures so many beautiful moments that should not be missed! Here are a few 'kodak moments' i have capture recently (little contribution to my recently updated blog name)

New Inspiration

Well... as you can all see (you all being my 5 follwers woohoo) that i have changed my blog name! Tonight at my freinds house i was explaining to her my blog name and what i wanted it to be about. She said it sounds more like its about memories .. then came up with the name  Memories and Dust, just like the song by the wonderful Josh Pyke Heres a little clip of his song which inspired my NEW blog name 


The Usual Adventures

As of late.. this is what i've up to - not very interesting i know but i promise there will be better adventures to come!
1. Zimmermen outlet store - best place to shop! whenever i go into the real zimmermen stores i go into a state of depressioin because of my lack of funds therfore not being able to buy anything!. Zimmermen dressess, shoes and bikinsssss ehhh ... BUT thank . you . god. for the outlet store. Everything is sooo cheap! and beaaaaautiful! i could spend hours in there i swere!
2. mochas mochas mochas (favourite)  - going out for coffee with friends to our favourite local coffee shop Tablespoon
3. SKYPE -  Since eddy my boyfriend decided to skip the hot Australian summer to be a ski insturctor in Whistler Canada for the summer, skypeing has become the highlight of my day - chatting for hours on end about the most ponitless things - i wish i could record our conversations sometimes  - so funny
4. sushiiiiiiiiiii ! - thats the name of my favourite sushi train! - Sushi has got to be the best food to be invented
5. Enjoying some hazelnut and white chocolate gelato with one of my closest friends while chatting and watching the thousands of differnet people wonder by
6. I spent the afternoon today again at tabespoon for one of my best friends birthdays! dosn't that look yummmyy?