5 things

 I. am. addicted !  

1. Avocados are definitely number one on the list! i have them with everything! sandwiches raps everything! the best thing is about avocado is you can use it as butter pretty much and its quite good for you. The downside is its full of omega 3's ... there good fats though... i keep reminding myself
2. Vitamin water. It will never get old! . flavors you have to try would defiantly be revive, focus and energy. 
3. T2 my favorite shop. It literally sells every single tea known to man. Chai is my personal favorite! especially on a chilly day cuddled up on the couch!. They also have the cutest mugs which i lovee. I haven't got one yet but defiantly in need!  
4. Moroocan Oil. is GOD. literally it makes your hair so nice if you just put a little bit on the ends after you wash it everyday! . You don't get any dry or split ends and it also makes your hair smell so good!!! 
5. TRESemme shampoo and conditioner .. or anything TRESemme really

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xx 


Summer is still lingering..!

Summer is definitely not giving Autumn a turn which means playing in the rocks at the beach, wearing my favorite hat and icy cold mango smoothies


One Hundred days

EDDY IS BACK! .  Since my boyfriend Eddy left the Sydney Summer to work as a ski instructor in Whistler, Canada it has been EXACTLY one hundred days! not one hundred and one not 99 but bang on one hundred.... kind of funny don't you think!!. So basically instead of blogging i have been spending almost every second of my time hanging out with him!. I did miss blogging though a bit not going to lie!.  I cannot even begin to explain how good it is to finally see him again! . We always end up going on the perfect adventures and that's literally all we have been doing since he's been back! Whether it be having a cute chilled little welcome home dinner up the road with cheeky glass of wine and cuddles, randomly just hoping in the car and ending up in Manly stopping in the most beautiful spot with the perfect view of the whole beach lit up at night and of course going down to our favorite spot Darling point which overlooks the entire harbor then driving around the Eastern suburbs ending up at a random little cafe which made the BEST  milkshakes and sandwiches.. i wish i could remember the name i would defiantly recommend it!. Spending time with my favorite person in the world at my favorite places in the world on the most perfect days! ....... could not be more perfect! haha. Someone once said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I most defiantly have to agree!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and has a week filled with adventures!
Happy Monday! xx