Sienna Miller always just looks so efforlessly cool. I love that she can being wereing a messy bun and chuck on jeans and a sweater and make it look so good! My new inspiration.

        The cool thing about her is that she is always wearing the simple things which will always been in fashion and will always look good. I think the basics are always the way to go because trends will always come and go. I think the best way to explain this is looking at shoes. There are so many shoes that i have bought just because they are 'in' for like 2 seconds then the next season everyone wants to wear somthing else. but the simple bone beishy or black suede closed or open toe highheel is timeless,  never fails to look good and the best thing is you can wear them with anything and just look effortlessly cool!


helllllllloooooooooo Monday....!

 hellllooooooooo Monday everyone! it is a new week yay. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!. When i think of Mondays i usually think.. waking up early, work, long hours.. etc etc, however, todays adventures were a little out of the ordinary for your average Monday. I was suddenly woken by my big sister at 9 am ... which is  quite early for me these days...  telling me to..'wake up were going to breakfast!'. Though at the time it seemed like the last thing in the world i wanted to do being half asleep! but it was definitely worth it....!

So my week begun with the yummmiest yoghurt and granola in the world...! and  that couldn't have put me in a better mood for a cute little adventure with Eddy after breakfast to this beautiful park he found overlooking the water. I love mondays! 

I hope everyone has a beautiful week Happy Monday! x