Inspiring loves for this week

These are all things that have inspired me just a little bit this week.
Sienna Miller has defiantly always been one of my major style icons - this outfit caught my eye in particular! i'm dieing to find one of these jackets its like something out of the movie almost famous (personal favorite of mine). 

Nicole Richie's amazing jewelry from her amazing collection House of Harlow. Nicole Richie is also a major influence her rings are my favorite!!

The Ocean on a cold and rainy day - it always makes me feel so cosy being inside watching the waves crash up against the rocks.

Berries! i am using berries for everything at the moment weather it be smoothies, in ice-cream, yogurt, by themselves to pick on.. and the best thing about them is there good for you yay

A outfit i put together on a warm day at the beginning of Autumn - maxi dress's, hats and boots. Especially maxi dress's from gypsy one of my favoriteeeeeeee  brands in the world all theres stuff is so flowy and beautiful it would be perfect for any occasion

Crystals are just beautiful things that appear on the earth. I love that. They are just so intresting

What's been inspiring you this week? 


Happy Easterrrr

Due to some annoying sickenss that overcame me this easter it was spent chilling in my uggies in bed, drinking my favorite chai tea and honey and munching on chocolate eggs and my sisters chocolate cookies. Being sick on easter is becoming a bit of a tradition i think. I still seem to enjoy the usual easter things for example the tones of chocolate!. Even though being sick it still seemed to be a beautiful weekend with Eddy taking care of me in the whole time (gotta love him). I hope everyone had a beautiful easter and stay well because being sick sucks! xx