Happy Easterrrr

Due to some annoying sickenss that overcame me this easter it was spent chilling in my uggies in bed, drinking my favorite chai tea and honey and munching on chocolate eggs and my sisters chocolate cookies. Being sick on easter is becoming a bit of a tradition i think. I still seem to enjoy the usual easter things for example the tones of chocolate!. Even though being sick it still seemed to be a beautiful weekend with Eddy taking care of me in the whole time (gotta love him). I hope everyone had a beautiful easter and stay well because being sick sucks! xx


  1. pretty sure they are my uggies...

  2. at least you had chocolate. hopefully lots of it. That's a sure way to make me feel better.

  3. Hope u'll get better soon! Happy Easter to you, too :)
    Xoxo, K.

  4. Beautiful photos Em. How good is easter as an excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible!

    Pommie xx

  5. Awwh! You poor love! I hope you are ok.

    That tea looks good though! Haha. And Easter eggs make everything better :)

    Get better soon lovely, I miss hearing from you! :)


  6. feel better and happy easter!! feasting on chocolates is always fun even when sick. :) get well soon xxx

  7. nice blog :)
    I hope you feel better now!

    Tessa xx

  8. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy emmmmmmy happy easter! i hope you are feeling better soon grimmy. i just cannot wait to get to sydney to hill with you! i am counting down haha. i missss you and hope eddy is looking after you :) xxx