Dream weaver

 This weekend was full of mind wondering
I love going off into my old little world and just dreaming,,,

I hope everyone is have a beautiful weekend!


Pony Style

Loving ponies at the moment Messy or Perfect! they just suit everyone! x


Happy Wednesday

 Sometimes you need a little mid-week pick me up if your feeling like you need a little push through to the end of the week!.  So here a few things that are getting me through the week and making me that little bit happier!

The BEST burger i've ever had at this place called Grilled seriously go it was amazzzzzzzzing!, cute little afternoon adventures with Eddy, a couple of pages from Elle Collections magazine - the flowers are so beautiful, Sex and the City 2 - no matter how bad people say it is i will always love it!, A beautiful photo that  Eddy took of the city lights at night, flicking through a few of my favourite magazines, All of the beautiful Spring colours - even though i'm in a completely different season........, chilling on the couch watching movies in my hoodie, fresh juicy watermelon for breakfast, A free top i got with the BAZZARE  magazine - I've adopted it as my new pj top yay!.

and last but not least..

This perfect outfit put together by Sophie from her blog The Littlest Things . I woke up and checked her blog as usual and was amazed! 39 days until she comes to Sydney!
 Isn't she stunning ? 

Happy Wednesday Everyone xx


School book bags & Sunnies

(sports girl Sunglasses, Gucci bag, Zimmermen dress, 
Filippo Raphael boots)

Over the weekend i was flicking through BAZZAR and i read that school book bags were an essential for the coming winter season so i dug deep into the very depths of my messy wardrobe and found a old (fake) Gucci school book similar bag i got agessssss ago  in  Vietnam that i never really used and decided to rock it on a cute little Monday adventure. BAZZAR was right! it definitely is a new essential of mine i love it and it seems to go with everything! I was especially happy because it also seemed to go perfectly with my new sunnies. 
I love old things that you never use which suddenly become your new obsession!