Bit of Country road inspiration for winter..

Winter at country road. Is. my fricking. life. I'm not going to lie i did go a little insane shopping there yesterday but it was DEFIANTLY worth it. I cannot wait to do lots of winter posts wearing my new country road item....sssssssssssss. yes that many s's are necessary. 
I have my eye on that winter coat in the first picture as well. It will be mine soon. haha 
hope everyone has a fantasssticooo weekend xxx


ASOS surprise for Wednesday morning

 As Sophie Learmont from her wonderful blog The Littlest things calls it, i revived my first Little treasure today from ASOS i was so excited to finally get it!!. I love love love hats and i really wanted one for Autumn/ winter and this one seemed to catch my eye so i thought why not!. It also went perfectly with my big sisters last season Zimmermen long sleeve dress. (a plus about having sisters you can all share clothes!)   I have a few other little treasures coming in the mail as well so I'll be sure to keep you posted! and also a very adventures end of week/weekend to come!

P.s. - everyone needs to pray that my camera decides to start working properly again! haha. 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week

Happy Hump day! xx