Can't wait for snowflakes

A few things i love about winter... the beautiful misty days long sleeves and long skirts, strawberries are in season which go perfectly with  my favorite honey and yoghurt for breakfast, the beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky
i cannot wait until winter! 


Barefoot fur

 Rocking the bare feet and the fur - perfect for a semi hot Autumn day. Going barefoot is honestly the best! especially when the weather is warm and the sun is hitting the ground and its all warm on your feet! I feel careeee lessssssssss ! 


Weekend things

This weekend was spent: 
 Sipping on Strawberry and Vanilla milkshakes at my new favorite cafe/restaurant 
 Being inspired by Elle collections on a rainy sunday afternoon
Beauuuuuuuutiful Autumn lunches 
Finding Cute little flower shops on adventures with Eddy 
Playing dress ups in my new shoes arriving from Victoria secret finally!!!