School book bags & Sunnies

(sports girl Sunglasses, Gucci bag, Zimmermen dress, 
Filippo Raphael boots)

Over the weekend i was flicking through BAZZAR and i read that school book bags were an essential for the coming winter season so i dug deep into the very depths of my messy wardrobe and found a old (fake) Gucci school book similar bag i got agessssss ago  in  Vietnam that i never really used and decided to rock it on a cute little Monday adventure. BAZZAR was right! it definitely is a new essential of mine i love it and it seems to go with everything! I was especially happy because it also seemed to go perfectly with my new sunnies. 
I love old things that you never use which suddenly become your new obsession!


  1. I love the bag! It's so cute and it certainly does seem to fit with everything!

    You look gorgeous as always. :)


  2. Love the bag and your shoes <3

  3. So pretty!Love your style!
    I'm a new follower on Bloglovin!I loved that also followed.Kisses.

  4. loveee that bag! it looks very workable x

  5. you look AMAZING em louuu!! cant wait to get to syd. the bag is amazinggxx

  6. Love the bag! I am a big fan of postman style bags. And the colour is amazing.

    You look terrific in your outfit!