Happy Wednesday

 Sometimes you need a little mid-week pick me up if your feeling like you need a little push through to the end of the week!.  So here a few things that are getting me through the week and making me that little bit happier!

The BEST burger i've ever had at this place called Grilled seriously go it was amazzzzzzzzing!, cute little afternoon adventures with Eddy, a couple of pages from Elle Collections magazine - the flowers are so beautiful, Sex and the City 2 - no matter how bad people say it is i will always love it!, A beautiful photo that  Eddy took of the city lights at night, flicking through a few of my favourite magazines, All of the beautiful Spring colours - even though i'm in a completely different season........, chilling on the couch watching movies in my hoodie, fresh juicy watermelon for breakfast, A free top i got with the BAZZARE  magazine - I've adopted it as my new pj top yay!.

and last but not least..

This perfect outfit put together by Sophie from her blog The Littlest Things . I woke up and checked her blog as usual and was amazed! 39 days until she comes to Sydney!
 Isn't she stunning ? 

Happy Wednesday Everyone xx


  1. omg em louuu you are the best!! i came onto your blog to comment on your previous post and say you look stunning and SO skiiiiinnnny!! tell me your secrets. you look amazing. but low and behold...i come on here and see you have done another beautiful post. thank you so much for including me in it :)
    i CAN NOT wait to get to sydney. seriously!! i have a countdown up on the wall haha!!! cant want to chill with you little grim and go on adventures!! misss you so much xxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Wednesday lovely! I know what you mean, sometimes you just need that pick up no matter what it may be!

    And I adore Sex and the City2 too! haha. It seriously wasn't all that bad.

    Hope the rest of the week goes wonderfully for you! :)


  3. she is so cute! :)



  4. nice wednesday for you too! i like those pics! She looks great!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose= )

  5. Um...can that burger please be my friend? It looks perfect!

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  7. Free top with the magazine that you actually use? Score! The only free gifts I ever get with magazines are hideous. That watermelon looks so yummy!

  8. that burger looks like the best thing ever. and you are beautiful!

  9. OMG that Burger....oh man that looks so good. How on earth can people go without eating burgers? I can't imagine. This post actually really did cheer me up with all that goodness!

  10. Oh, like your outfit! And you take very nice pictures!

    /S / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

  11. that sandwich looks so good! love your pics, so pretty. and Sophie is such a doll!
    xo, Alexandra

  12. I love posts like this one! <3

    Have a great weekend girl!

  13. those pictures are full of loveliness.


  14. oww i looove this post!! how cool you know Sophie! heart her blog! if you come to Melbourne when she is back in sydney we totally should have drinks ;)


  15. Is the perfect outfit!!! amazing!!
    I like your blog, I follow you, If you want, visit my blog too! :)
    Kisses from México City!