A week of absolutely nothing!

Sometimes you just need a break to literally just do NOTHING! just take time out to.. in my case.. catch up on all the new episodes of grey anatomy, sit on the couch in my favorite spot and Internet shop and blog until all hours of the morning, update my ipod finalllllly, hanging out with old friends having sleep overs and talking till 3am, try on pretty much my whole wardrobe making different outfits to wear when i eventually get a chance to go out and put the BEAUTIFUL valentines day roses in the perfect spot in my room. 

speaking of ipods here are some songs i'm in love with at the moment:
# You wouldn't like me . Tegan and Sara
 # Hold you in my arms. Ray LaMonagne
# 3. Angel . Jack Johnson 
# La Mar . The Beautiful girls 
# Kiss with a fist . florence and the machine
# And for what . Marty Simpson
# I feel better . the hot chip
# On the radio . Regina Spektor 
# Romeo and Juliet . The Killers 
# Miss Halfway . Anya Marina
just to name a fewww ... !


  1. love that second picture, it's like two little sienna millers :)

  2. i love love romeo and juliet!