A this and that week.

The only way to explain what i did this week is just a bit of this and that!. Starting off the week with Eddy and I taking a spontaneous trip to Sydney's beautiful Tooronga Zoo. It was pretty rainy but with some of the most beautiful animals in the world and one of the best views in Sydney it didn't matter at all!. The Gorillas were definitely a favorite! they were sooo playful and funny to watch i wish i could have gotten a video for you guys! and the lions ahhhhh they are SUCH a beautiful animal i wish i could have a lion as a pet sometimes even though it could be dangerous so worth it ! haha. 

The rainy weather continued throughout the week  so there was a LOT of online shopping looking for the perfect pair of winter high heel boots, a must have as my trip to Europe has been moved forwards to October because i have decided to do a season in Thredbo being a snowboarding instructor!. Lots of winter clothes and outfits have to be bought which means more photo shoots and posts woohoo!. Coffee and pizza dates with friends are always included in my week these days and i must say that i love it! Having friends who live so locally is the best!  The week ended beautifully due to Sun finally deciding to come out! so friday became a lazy day lying in the sun staring at the clouds thinking about.. well  i was thinking about what i was going to make for lunch but whatever came to mind!. So basically it was a pretty chilled out week filled with a bit of this and that!

Ps .. sorry for the lack of posts this week! i was feeling very very lazy! promise it wont happen again to soon!. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xx


  1. Looks like an AWESOME week! I love the lion image, I've always wanted a tiger as a pet - and for some reason hubby doesn't understand?! haha:)

  2. Oh lordy those boots are amazing! I never got to go to Tooronga Zoo when I visited Sydney over New Year :( Lion shot is great though!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  3. exactly lack posts likeme;)
    I loved your blog i'll follow you.
    I loved the photos and that boots from Alexander Wang are so crazy but so adorable.

  4. I'm falling in love whit this shoes!!

    xoxo from Spain!

  5. I awarded you and your lovely blog with the Versatile Blogger Award :) Congratulations! For more info visit here: http://fatalfashionistas.blogspot.com/2011/03/versatile-blogger-award.html



  6. I like your shoes!!!!!! Kiss from Spain. muaaaaa
    follow you

  7. Lovely photos! :) xxx


  8. that pizza is making my tummy grumble... it looks SO good!

  9. Em!!!!! I went to the zoo recently too!! I love that place haha reminds me of when I was young. are you taking a gap year??

  10. ~ don't which i like better the boots or
    the pizza!