I really do love weekends..

Wondering around Darling Harbor in my favorite boots, finding cute little cafes, the BEST fish and chips i've ever had, the perfect weather for the perfect day, Beautiful candel lit sunday night dinners with Eddys family, long spontaneous drives, laughing fits and conversations about nothing, relaxing on the couch watching movies.... this weekend could not have been more perfect!


  1. EM OMG! you are literally making me miss Sydney so so so so so much! these photos are just amazing. you look stunning. So jealous you get Minky dinners too! what did he cook? So wish George and I were there too, we would be having the best adventures ever, taking a billion photos. i wish we could just teleport! love you grim xxx

  2. gorrrrgeous post! that second picture...whatever that is, i want one!

    thanks for your sweet comment about my vlog, and for following! i am following yours as well and i dooo love your blog!

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  4. yes! food, fun, fashion, friends, fam, what else do you need? love these pics:)