Trying to blend in with the autumn leaves..

tomorrows outfit?

Right now i am lovingggg browns and creams for the autumn season.. maybe its the brown leaves that I'm trying to blend in with. werido i know. But even though the wintery, autumny colours are perfect for the recent weather ...   i cannot help but be SO excited for the pinks greens yellows of spring/summer for my trip to Europe in July! seeing like everyones blogs all colorful and springy is making me feel so boring!!!  hurry up winterrr so i can have summer! 


  1. Best of both worlds! I'm in a similar position, Autumn now in Queensland and then home to the UK for summer again!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  2. I love this, reminded me of a recent tweet from Elizabeth & James:
    @ElizandJames Goal of wearing COLOR in 2011 is inching along. Are taupe and grey colors? #fashiongirlproblems

    haha my sentiments exactly!

  3. Fall is my favorite season and wow, have fun in Europe!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. To be honest - I just really want spring to hurry up and get here. Not even thinking about autumn right now... Although I must admit - I love autumn!

  5. Love the faux fur hanging there...I have quite a few furs in my closet! cute blog! I am following now. hope you can follow me too if you want..

    xo Lisa

  6. I am so ready for some sunshine, even though I do love me some layering:-) xoxo

  7. I'm feeling the same sorts of colours, not sure why that is - I always shift away from the bright colours when winter rolls around

  8. Love this post! you have an amazing selection of browns/creams in your wardrobe!
    I'm heading to Europe in July also...can't wait for the European summer!!!

  9. EM LOULOU!!! i am sooo excited! seriously! so so so excited about coming to sydney so george and i hang out with you and ed and mugs and mink! we are going to do so many photoshoots and so many adventures! i just can not wait! we get in june 12th at 7.20pm! so you have to come to the airport too hehe and we can go out for dinner. when are you in syd and when are you and ed planning on going down to the snow? george and i are planning on going down for 3 days at one point. and when are you flying to london? because george and i are flying back on 14th july. but we dont need to discuss that because the most important thing is that we are coming to SYDNEY yayyyyy!!
    skype ASAP! love you xxx