Its friday and this is what I'm loving

Usually Eddys sister and my beautiful friend Sophie aka Roff does a post called its friday and this is what I'm loving. So with this EXCITINGGGGGGGG pecie of news i found out yesterday i decided in her honuer i would copy her and say its friday and this is what I'M LOVING! . 

I am actually so so excited because i was recently informed that Sophie from her amazing blog The littlest things and her boyfriend George are COMING TO SYDNEY!!.  This is very exciting for me because her blog about the littlest things in life was my whole inspiration to start a blog of my own!!!! . I am happy to inform you that this coming June is going to be a blogging overload filled with shopping, movies, adventures, millions of photo-shoots, breakfasts dinners lunches brunches, cooking up a storm, more photo-shoots... and all the other stuff in between! So basically what i am saying is you should all be prepared for a June filled with a zillion new posts.  I finally get to hang with my inspiration and learn more and more about fashion and the blogging world... if your not already following Roff DO! it made me realize that the littlest most simple things in life are really the most important and gave me a better outlook on life. ... It also has made me go semi bankrupt due to all the beautiful posts about fashion... BUT basically. Its friday and this is what I'm loving Soph!!! YOU!  

I love love having something to look forward to....!


  1. em lou!! you are seriously THE best! your description of june is perfection! i honestly cannot WAIT! george and i are both so excited. YOU ARE THE BEST! I LOVE YOUU XXX ahhh i just read the post again and honestly my heart is fluttering by how excited i am haha xxx

  2. Well that's exciting!

    And I was being sarcastic about the Boston Marathon. A marathon is 26 miles. No way could I run that long. lol

  3. Amazing shoes and skirt!! Love this outfit! Love! :)
    Xoxo, K.

  4. That skirt is an amazing pop of color! Love it!

    Happy Weekend Dear! xo

  5. Oh my Vogue your skirt is gorgeous! Love the pop of colour!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog honey :)